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Related post: None have been recorded. 11. OTHER USES The heartwood is olive-green when freshly cut and is closely grained. It is recognised as strong, Order Albenza tough, durable and resistant to water. Though it is stringy and difficult to saw it takes on a good polish. Chevalier (191.3) suggests its use for Albenza Price automobile and railway vehicles and for ornamental pattern work. In Ghana it Albenza 400mg is used Albenza 200 Mg for building and tor hoe handles. In Sierra Leone it is used in making boat-bands. The Krobo ' s in Ghana use the bark as fibre (Irvine, 1961). It has been used as fish poison (Kerharo and Bouquet., 1930). The tree is very ornamental when in flower and has Purchase Albenza Online been planted for amenity purposes. 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Aubreville, A. La flore forestiere de la Cote d'lvoire, 3 Vols. Paris, (1936) Laroso. Chevalier, A. Etudes sur la flore de 1'Afrique centrale franc^ais, Paris: (1913) Challemel edit. Commonwealth Generic Albenza Science Council Report on the second Caribean meeting on utilisation of Natural Products Castagne, E. Contributions a 1 'etude Purchase Albenza chimique de quelques bois (1946) congolais. Publi. Insti. nat. Etude agron. Congo Beige No. 32. Dalziel, J.M. The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. London: (193 ) Crown Agents. Irvine, F.R. Woody Plants of Ghana. London: (1961) Kerharo, J. and Bouquet, A. Plantes me.dicinales et toxiques de la Cote d'lvoire - (1950) Haute Volta, Paris - Vigot edit. Oliver, B. Medicinal Plants in Nigeria, Ibadan: Nigeria College of (1960) Arts, Science and Tech. - 124 - PLATE XIX. Lonchocarpus sericeus (Poir). Kunth LONCHOCARPUS SERICEUS A' Leaf B* Rower (enlarged) C Flowering shoot D* Fruit Plate XIX. Lonchocarpus sericeus (Poir.) Kunth A. leaf B. flower (enlarged) C. flowering shoot D. fruit (B,C and D after Keay e_t al. , 1960) - 125 - MAP 19 - Geographic distribution of Lonchocarpus sericeus - 127 - 1. BOTANICAL NAME: Luehea paniculate Mart. SYNONYM: Luehea parvifolia Huber FAMILY: Tiliaceae COMMON NAMES: Aqoita-cavalo, Mutamba Albenza Tablets preta Buy Albenza Online (Brasil, Para); Estriveira, Cacucti, Caa-veti, Caa-Veti-guassu (Paraguay); Papeaguaqu, Iva tingy (Guarani); Flintenklben (Germany); Francisco Alvarez (Argentina). 2. ECOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTION Luehea paniculata occurs on the rich, fertile, mesotrophic soils of the deciduous forest or cerrado (transition from savanna to forest). The species is found in the coastal states of Brasil (see distribution map). 3. DESCRIPTION Medium to tall tree to c.lOm high in the cerrado (Rizzini, 1971) and up to 13m in the deciduous forest (Ratter, 1980); bark thin, Cheap Albenza greyish-brown, longitudinally ridged, fibrous, peri derm mucilaginous, sometimes astringent and bitter; crown spreading, leafy. Leaves alternate, simple; stipules 4- 5mm long, soon falling; petiole 5- 7mm long; blade broadly oval, oval-elliptic or oval, asymetric, 7-12cm long, 4.5-7cm wide, apex shortly acuminate, base truncate to subcordate, margins Order Albenza Online dentate, coriaceous, glabrous, green and rough above, ferruginous tomentose below, 3-nerved from the Buy Albenza base. Inflorescence a terminal or axillary paniculate cymes, flowers conspicuous, fragrant, melliferous; peduncle and pedicels 5- 10mm long, mult ibracteate. Sepals 5, lanceolate, 11-1 2mm long; petals 5, obovate, c.lbmm long, 13mm wide, irregularly crenate, with basal nectiferous gland; stamens in 3-4 bundles of 20-24, 4- Albendazole Albenza Buy Cheap Albenza Albenza Cost 7mm long; ovary 5-locular, ovules numerous, ovange tomentose. Fruit a woody, valvate, oblong capsule c.2cm long, 1.2-1. 4cm in diameter, slightly angular, Albenza Online densely reddish tomentose; seeds with thickened edges,
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